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Toll Free : 1-800-USA-ASIA (1-800-872-2742) Email: info@usaASIAtravel.com
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Step Two: Call 1-800-USA-ASIA (1-800-872-2742) or e-mail us at              info@usaasiatravel.com to get your fare and book your ticket.
Our prices are always lower than through the airlines or main travel websites.
We deal with the airlines directly and have access to their unsold seats.
USAAsiaTravel.com : Always lower prices to Asia at USAAsiaTravel.com
Toll Free : 1-800-USA-ASIA (1-800-872-2742)
Email: info@usaASIAtravel.com
What USA Asia Travel does not have.

We do not have a phone system that will take you through menu after menu before you finally talk to a rude agent. USA Asia Travel picks up the phone directly. We'll tell you which airline has the best price and the quickest routing to where you want to go. ( These prices change constantly and through our direct contacts with all major airlines we will get you the seat at a price that other companies can't.

Traveling during the summer or holidays?

Even during holiday periods airlines have seats they need to sell at a discount. Don't let them tell you prices are higher during the summer or holidays or that they can't find you a seat.

No advance purchase requirement !

You can travel tomorrow. The price is the same whether you buy 3 months in advance or 1 day in advance. (to be sure, we suggest you book as soon as you know your dates).

Full Frequent Flyer Miles

In most cases, you will receive frequent flyer miles for your trip ( except some especially deep discounted fares).

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